After having a data loss a month ago and some troubles building a new machine for storing backups, finally I got it running and I can say "I have backups!" :)

Whenever you have a crisis you end up learning new stuff. I'm not saying that backups were unknow to me, obviously. What I mean is that it made me plan and study how I was going to setup my laptop and the backups computer in advance, doing a lot of reading in the way.

Now I backup my machine automatically everyday if it's connected to the home LAN and have all my configuration files in a Git repository mirrored at a remote server as well.

I'll try to write up how I have finally configured my laptop: from mutt to vim, going through GPG and my Smartcard, so others can benefit from my last experience as I have done reading from other's configurations.

In the meantime you can browse my dotfiles repo.

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